MSAD#51 Second Graders Visit Skyline Farm 5.3.12 (9)

Created on: 18 Jul 2012
'People in Your Neighborhood' is a multi-disciplined program that uses North Yarmouth’s historic Skyline Farm, its carriage museum, and resident community supported agriculture organic farm as a springboard for education. The children explored 9 stations featuring such topics as horsemanship and hoof care; local history and carriage-related vocabulary. They examined a governess cart, an old-time hearse, and a peddler’s wagon. The children played old-fashioned hoop games, planted bean seeds, and patted a pony. A wagon ride behind two, one-ton Percherons helped the children appreciate genuine horse-power.
  • As the children observe 'Pony' being driven from an antique cart, one child is ready to answer a question posed by 'Pony's' owner & Trustee Lynn Young.
  • Trustee Gordon Corbett, a retired teacher, describes items the Peddler from Lee, NH, sold from his wagon on the left. Paris Hill Hearse on right stands next to a list of terms the kids are learning.
  • Docent Gordon Corbett has this group of second graders' rapt attention as he tells the peddler's story.
  • Museum Collection Chairman Greg Cuffey explains the derivation of old-fashioned expressions that relate to the carriage era.
  • Skyline's resident CSA farmer Justin Deri teaches the children how to plant seeds (that they took home).
  • Skyline president Kristi Wright shows how tall a horse would be compared to her pony 'Mr. Peanut Butter', who patiently stood in the museum while the kids learned all about ponies.
  • The children participated in old-fashioned, low-tech games, which they loved!
  • Trustee Lynn Young explains the purpose of a driving apron, while Historian Ursula Baier takes a break from driving Skyline's antique spindle pony cart.
  • Skyline Stable alumna and Trustee Sheila Alexander explains equine items to the second graders.

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