Professional Development opportunity: Special Library Association of New England: November 15 and December 20

15 Nov 2012 2:00 PM | Anonymous
Join us at Portland Public Library for the following employment webinars
generously sponsored by the *Special Library Association of New England*.
Webinars run one hour.

Bring a resume and stay an additional 1/2 hour for a resume swap with other
attendees. An extra pair of eyes on your resume is *always* helpful .

*Transferable Skills: Identifying and Marketing Your Unique Value to
Non-LIS Employers*

**November 15, 2012
2:00 PM

Lower Level, Meeting Room #5

Transferable skills are those business skills that LIS professionals can
deploy across a wide range of job opportunities, not necessarily within the
“LIS” framework. How do you identify – and then compellingly market – those
transferable skills? What language do you use to translate your business
skills into a broader range of job opportunities? Can those skills be used
to create and pitch new jobs? Find out how to frame – and get paid for –
your information and business expertise. This webinar will help you to:**

- Identify your business skills that transfer into multiple career
- Translate those skills into non-LIS language; and
- Find opportunities (i.e., job openings) for which those skills are
appropriate.Top of Form

*So Tell Me About Yourself: Personal and Professional Branding for LIS
Students and Professionals*

December 20, 2012
2:00 PM

Lower Level, Meeting Room #5

The changing job market means that LIS professionals need to think
creatively and flexibly about the valuable and unique skills they bring to
the marketplace – both to “traditional” library and information positions
and to positions outside of the LIS world. What unique value do you bring
to potential employers and how do you describe that value? What actions can
you take to further enhance your reputation? Focusing on your professional
brand will help you think about how to frame and position your skills in a
way that opens up the greatest number of career opportunities.

This webinar will enable you to:

- Evaluate and put your “personal brand” to work for you;
- Take practical steps to showcase your brand online; and
- Develop a compelling “brand pitch” that showcases your value to
various audiences.

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