RFP: Business Manager, Maine Library Association

11 Sep 2013 3:17 PM | Anonymous

*Request for Proposals – Due October 7, 2013*

The Maine Library Association is seeking an individual or firm to act as

part time business manager for the organization.  The MLA Business Manager

will provide assistance to the Executive Board of the organization and to

its Sections and Committees. The Business Manager works with the President

and Executive Board of the Maine Library Association for coordination of

the operations of the Association.

The Business manager is required to have intimate knowledge of library

operations and accounting/office management practices.  He/she will

evaluate and make recommendations for improving MLA operations, clerical

functions and communication. He/she is responsible for establishing a

virtual office and for maintaining a physical office for compiling and

storage of active files. All information collected is the property of MLA.

*MLA Mission*

The mission of the Maine Library Association is to promote and enhance the

value of Maine libraries and librarianship, to foster cooperation among

those who work in and for Maine libraries, and to provide leadership in

ensuring information is accessible to all citizens of Maine.

*MLA Purpose*

The objectives of the Association shall be to initiate, plan and support

library activities, to encourage the exchange of ideas, and to cooperate

with regional and national organizations having related interests.

*MLA Governance and Structure*

The officers shall be a president, a vice president /president elect, a

secretary, a treasurer, the immediate past president and two


Current membership is approximately 325 active members

*Meeting Schedule*

An annual meeting of MLA must be held once a year at a time and place

designated by the Council. Special meetings may be held as such times and

places the Council designates or upon written request be ten members of the

association. The full Executive Board meets every other month in locations

selected for the convenience of the Board members. Regularly scheduled

meetings throughout the year are held via GoTo Meeting or in Augusta. The

Business Manager is required to attend these meetings.

Sections and Committees hold individual meetings as needed.

Website    http://mainelibraries.org/

*Job Description of the MLA Business Manager*

The Business Manager provides support for the work of the Maine Library

Association (MLA) by performing many administrative tasks needed to keep

MLA functioning in an organized and efficient manner.


●  Attends Executive Council Meetings

●  Works under the direction of the President and the Executive Council

●  Carries out policies and procedures of the Executive Council.

Membership Services

1.     Maintain database of membership, past and present, and prepare

reports and mailing lists as required.

2.     Record payments appropriately, including those through Paypal.

3.     Work closely with the President or designee on mailings, invitations

to join, renewal reminders and communications encouraging membership in the


4.     Provide communication via email, social media and press releases as

directed by the executive council.

5.     Provide membership support services in order to assist MLA in

maintaining and promoting membership

Administrative Operations

1.     Provide computer software as needed, using Microsoft or compatible

programs including Word, Excel, and Access and additional financial

management software

2.     Administer the Wild Apricot web-based association management system

including the MLA database with members and non-member contacts.

3.     Maintain MLA office supplies as necessary and provide stationary and

other supplies to the Executive Board members as required

4.     Explore cost cutting methods and procedures as they relate to

printing, mailing, supplies and other expenses and make recommendations to

the Executive Board

5.     Maintain calendar of MLA meetings and programs as reported by MLA

officers, update on a regular basis and distribute as required.

6.     Provide updated calendars through the Maine State Library website

calendar of events.

7.     Maintain a file of Executive Council reports, minutes, and financial


8.     Provide general administrative support for the MLA President and

various interest groups if needed.

9.     Maintain a management manual for the organization.

10.   Work with MLA archivist to preserve relevant documents and move them

into permanent archives as needed.


1.     Keep officers informed of pertinent business developments as they

relate to the association.

2.     Forward incoming mail and association information to the appropriate

officers or committee/section members as it is received at association


3.     Handle incoming phone and inquiries as appropriate and forward them

to officers or section/committee members as needed.

4.     Provides communication including use email, social media and press

releases as directed by the executive council.

5.     Prepare written report prior to Executive Board meetings.

Finance and Accounting

1.     Accept payments, records, deposits and reports as required to the

Executive Board and Finance Committee.

2.     Prepare monthly and annual financial reports.

3.     Work with Treasurer and Finance Committee to prepare the annual

budget (calendar year)

4.     At first Executive Board meeting in new fiscal year provide detailed

financial report of MLA assets, revenue and expenses as part of the budget

approval process.

5.     Prepare checks for bill payment twice per month from payment request

forms and forward to President and Treasurer for approval and signatures

6.     Assist the auditor/tax preparer in the preparation of the

Association's tax returns and assist with audits as required.

7.     Maintain a list of, advises on, and ensures the association

maintains appropriate insurance.

8.     Maintain the legal corporation papers( 501c6) and insurance records.

*Salary and Agreements*

The annual contractual terms for the Association Business Manager will be

negotiated between the MLA Executive Council and the Independent

Contractor. The contract is reviewed annually, and a new RFP is done every

three years, after having been ratified by the MLA Executive Board. NOTE:

This current contract will be for 3.5 years, as MLA gets onto a new

three-year rotation schedule. It will expire June 30, 2017.

*Submission Guidelines*

Interested firms/people should submit the following, no later than October

7th, to Bryce Cundick, MLA Vice-President.   If there are questions, email

bryce.cundick@maine.edu or call (207) 778-7224.  Answers to all questions

will be emailed to all parties having expressed written interest by October


1. A proposal describing your qualifications or the qualifications of the

firm and how the tasks described above would be carried out. Copies of

corporate ID numbers will be required upon award of contract.

2. A firm estimate of fees to be charged

3. Resumes of all consultants who would be involved in the project

4. Three professional references, or if applicable, names, phone numbers

and contact people at three nonprofit organizations who have been your

clients during the last 18 months, whom we can call on as references.

5. Interviews with finalists will be held starting the third week of


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