31 Oct 2013 3:38 PM | Anonymous
That’s what the Cultural Emergency Resource Coalition would like to help
you answer.

The Maine State Museum was recently awarded a one year grant from the Maine
Emergency Management Agency, through Homeland Security, to form the
Cultural Emergency Resource Coalition (CERC: Maine). A partnership of key
cultural organizations, conservators and emergency management personnel,
and based on the COSTEP <>program
developed in Massachusetts, its mission is to create awareness among
Maine’s cultural institutions of the importance of disaster planning and to
help connect those institutions with the resources and people they need to
best respond to and recover from a disaster. See the end of this message
for the full CERC: Maine Steering Committee.

Here’s what CERC: Maine would like you to help them answer:

What would be the most useful support to you and your organization in
developing a disaster plan? As part of this project, CERC: Maine expects to
develop online resources, workshops, and contact and vendor lists. Your
feedback will play an invaluable role in shaping these products, to ensure
that they are answering the needs of Maine’s cultural community.

If you are affiliated with a cultural institution, please take a few
minutes and complete the survey at

If you are not affiliated with a cultural institution but would like to
provide feedback, please email

Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation!

Ellen Dyer
CERC: Maine Coordinator
Maine State Museum
83 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

*CERC: Maine Steering Committee*

Jon Brandon, East Point Conservation
Jeff Cabral, McArthur Public Library
Molly Carlson, Head Tide Archaeological   Conservation Laboratory
Dave Cheever, Maine State Archives
Nancy Crowell, Scarborough Public Library
Bernard Fishman, Maine State Museum
Dwane Hubert, Maine Emergency Management Agency
Aedan Jordan, Maine State Museum
Linda Lord, Maine State Library
Kate McBrien, Maine State Museum
Jessica Routhier, Maine Archives and Museums
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