Call for Proposals: 2014 NEMA Conference

07 Jan 2014 12:41 PM | Anonymous
Picture of Health: Museums, Wellness & Healthy Communities  

96th Annual NEMA Conference
November 19 - 21, 2014


Museums play an important role in the wellness of their audiences and communities. For years they've been havens for mental health, places for pause and pondering. But today museums are even more active venues for health, offering programs for Alzheimer patients and children with autism, promoting fitness through yoga classes, nutrition guidance, and First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative.


Charles River, Boston, Credit- Tim Grafft MOTT.jpgJoin us for the 96th Annual NEMA Conference in Boston/Cambridge, the world hub of health care innovation, for a stimulating examination of how museums can contribute to community wellness and transformative well-being. The conference program will include dialogue between the medical community and museum field on ways our professions can collaborate on a common mission: to help individuals find health and wholeness.


You are invited to contribute to the dialogue with a conference session proposal. Here is some food for thought as you develop your ideas.

  • Museums contribute to the emotional and intellectual well-being of their visitors by offering life-long learning opportunities as well as spaces for quiet contemplation and reflection.
  • Museum content engages individuals in deep, sometimes ineffable ways, assisting a meaningful, purpose-filled life.
  • How can the medical community better use museums as a prescription for physical and mental healing?
  • Museum spaces are increasingly used for active fitness programs like yoga, pilates, and walking.
  • What research can affirm the connection between museums and health?
  • How can museums better collaborate with the health, medical, wellness, and social care sectors?
  • Can museums afford to care about the health of their communities? Can they afford not to?

jumping_schoolkids.jpgIn addition to theme-related sessions, we also welcome sessions exploring issues of technology, future leadership, and public accountability in museums. Sessions on professional development topics forindividuals such as networking, personal growth, and public speaking are also welcome. NEMA strives to offer sessions on topics including museum governance, administration, visitor services, volunteer management, human resources, education, exhibitions, curatorial and conservation, registration, membership, development, and marketing. In content and in format, all sessions should stimulate discussion, raise new ideas, debate solutions, and spark imagination. Join us and share your experience!

A great conference begins with great NEMA members! Consider joining us in Boston/Cambridge as a session chair or presenter. To submit a proposal click here. Proposals must be received by February 3, 2014  

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