Community Nonprofit Letter in Support of LD1664

20 Jan 2014 9:52 AM | Anonymous

MAM has signed onto the Community Nonprofit Letter in support of LD1664, proposed legislation to restore incentives for donations to charitable organizations like archives and museums. The letter was drafted by the Maine Association of Non-profits and will be presented at a public hearing on January 22.

From the Maine Association of Non-profits website:

The Biennial Budget passed by the 126th Maine Legislature late this past spring included a $27,500 cap on itemized deductions including the charitable giving deduction.  Our conservative estimates found that this cap will cost Maine nonprofits $20 million annually in decreased charitable giving at a time when nonprofits can hardly afford it.

We worked with legislative leadership to remedy this situation and we are pleased that Senator James Boyle (Gorham, Scarborough, Westbrook) has introduced a bill, LD 1664, that will carve the charitable giving deduction out of the overall cap, preserving a tax deduction that benefits the greater good much more than it benefits the tax-payer.

There are several ways you can help us reach our first goal in the legislative process, a unanimous Ought To Pass recommendation out of the Taxation Committee.

  • Add your organization’s name to our sign-on letter to be presented to the Taxation Committee.   To add your name, e-mail Brenda Peluso with the name of the organization, the regions that your organization serves, and a brief statement that you are authorized to endorse the letter.
  • Plan to present spoken or written testimony at the public hearing on Wednesday, January 22nd.  A public hearing gives members of the public an opportunity to address members of the Joint Standing Committee in charge of the bill.  View the State’shelpful information about public hearings and e-mail Brenda Peluso if you plan to participate.
  • Contact members of the Taxation Committee directly if you have a prior relationship or serve members of their district.
  • Join our “interested parties” e-mail list by e-mailing Brenda Peluso.
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