University of Maine New Media Program announces Graduate Certificate in Digital Curation beginning this Fall

13 Jun 2012 3:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Posting on behalf of our colleagues in the University of Maine New Media
program. This opportunity to earn a graduate certificate in Digital
Curation begins this fall --

Who needs digital curation?

* An archivist in a photographer's studio wants to put a database of
vintage sailing photos online but doesn't know where to start.
* A town official is feeling pressure to keep digital records but isn't
sure what formats will be accessible in the long term.
* A curator in a museum is worried that her recordings of stories will be
lost once the audio cassettes are no longer playable.

There is a growing need in many areas of the public and private sector for
better understanding of and training in the selection, preservation,
maintenance, and archiving of digital resources. This program will provide
an important and innovative skill-set for employees and employers that
prepares them to address pressing data and material management issues while
positioning them and their business or institution for the future.

This innovative distance learning program should appeal to anyone working
in an archive, museum, library, studio, business, or government office
where the management of digital assets is important. Students will learn
how to digitize, make accessible via database and Web site, and preserve
digital assets ranging from videotapes to photographs to textual records.
Although taught entirely online, all classes in the program make use of an
innovative Virtual Collection to teach hands-on skills along with broader
knowledge about the field.

Learn more at [ ] or 207 581-4477. Apply at [ ]

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