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The Poland Spring Preservation Society is dedicated to preserving the unique historical architecture of the Maine State Building and the All Souls Chapel. Many years ago, the legendary Poland Spring Hotel, and the world-renown Poland Spring Water, transformed a scenic western Maine town into a state and national landmark. We are 35 miles north of Portland on Route 26.

The Maine State Building and the All Souls Chapel have become a part of our national heritage. As members and supporters of the Poland Spring Preservation Society, our role is critical to the protection, restoration and preservation of these historic, one-of-a-kind structures, and in educating visitors about the history of Poland Spring. Today, the buildings are enjoyed as the site for our art gallery, weddings and musical concerts throughout the summer months.
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  • Archive
  • Art
  • Genealogy
  • Historic House
  • Historic Site
  • Industrial History
  • Library
  • Local History
  • Maine History
  • Museum
  • National Register of Historic Places
  • Shakers

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