The Kennebec Historical Society’s January Public Presentation: “A Tale of Three Privies”

18 Dec 2018 11:49 AM | Anonymous member

A Tale of Three Privies looks at the archaeological excavation of privies on three diverse sites, an 18th-century fort, a 19th-century farmstead, and a 19th-century urban house.  From the large quantity of nearly complete artifacts from these privies, a picture of the lifestyles of the sites’ occupants can be developed along with an understanding of the material culture of the time.  We can also determine when these privies were filled in and even speculate as to why they were filled. 

Our speaker, Leon (Lee) Cranmer, is an historical archaeologist who retired in August 2010 from the staff of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission.  He has a BS from Stockton University, and a BA in anthropology and MA in history/historical archaeology from the University of Maine.  Lee has worked in archaeology in Maine for over 35 years and has conducted archaeology for the state of Maine for well over 25 years.  Prior to that he spent two seasons in England doing archaeology.  He has written one book and numerous articles on Maine historical archaeology and is currently working on another book on Fort Halifax, a French and Indian War period fort in Winslow, Maine.  He has excavated hundreds of Maine sites for which he has written or co-authored site reports.  Prior to his archaeology career, Lee spent 7 years in the Navy and is a Vietnam veteran.  He lives in Somerville, Maine, with his wife Liz.

The Kennebec Historical Society January Presentation is free to the public (donations gladly accepted).  The presentation will take place on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. at the Hope Baptist Church, located at 726 Western Avenue in Manchester.

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